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New single ALONE BY YOUR SIDE is out on 16.03.18.

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WHAT WE WANT (POWER CORRUPTION & LIES) – single released December 2017.

SAUCE – from 2013 debut album ‘The Creature Comfort’

WINDOWPANE – from 2013 debut album ‘The Creature Comfort’




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From deep-fried psychedelic soul to bubblegum power pop, these sounds come from the edge.

Ben, Jose, Christian, Steve, Brad. Pic by Richard Nixon.

The Creature Comfort are illuminated outsiders bringing melodies that never fail to stick, sonic intensity, surreal lyrics with a universal appeal and full-on performances.

The Creature Comfort formed after singer, bandleader and ‘continental hippie’ Ben Le Jeune arrived in Manchester from London and abroad and found some like-minded comrades to develop their signature sound.

A long and winding road dotted with trials, tribulations and wilderness years led to their critically acclaimed 2013 debut album. Recorded at Elbow’s home Blueprint Studios in Manchester, it featured the infectious lead single Sauce and gathered airplay including BBC Radio, Radio XFM..

“The critters” consisting of Ben Le Jeune (vocals), Brad Ingham (bass), Christian Payne (drums),  Jose Ortega (guitar), Steven K Jones (guitar) spent most of the last year recording and mixing the material for their second album, to be released in the autumn of 2018.

As part of the build-up to this sophomore release, a series of singles are being put out. This started in December 2017 with What We Want (Power Corruption & Lies), and now continues with Alone By Your Side in March 2018.

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Live at Gullivers Manchester

“Should be held in the same esteem as Joy Division, Oasis, Stone Roses” – LOUDER THAN WAR

“One of the best live bands I’ve seen in years. Brilliant energy and great, interesting songs” – BADLY DRAWN BOY

“Classic sound with surprising twists and turns and new wave influences” – ROUGH TRADE

“Great front man – Jim Morrison meets Iggy Pop – a top combination.”- BLACKTHORN FESTIVAL

“Bolts of primal and thrilling rock’n’roll delivering drama, danger, smarts, tunes.”-  JAY TAYLOR (NIGHT & DAY MCR / CLASSIC SLUM PROMOTIONS)

“Rampant pogo pop topped with a sprinkling of sneering punk attitude and heaps of irrepressible energy.”- BEN WILMOTT (THE GUARDIAN / NME)