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Illuminated outsider rock..

The Creature Comfort first formed in the late 80’s when singer, bandleader and ‘continental hippy’ Ben Le Jeune arrived in Manchester from down south and abroad. After finding some like-minded comrades they began to develop their signature sound: melodies that never fail to stick, sonic intensity, surreal lyrics with universal appeal – all delivered via full-on rock’n’roll performances.

Gaining a residency at legendary rock venue The International – and heading the local pre-grunge underground scene – led the band to be taken under the wings of The Stone Roses’ manager and to be groomed as next big thing.

Unfortunately, a series of ‘unfortunate situations’ led to the downfall of this promising early incarnation.

After 15 years soul-searching in the wilderness, a re-energised Le Jeune returned with the current revamped line up of The Creature Comfort: Steven K Jones (guitar), Christian Payne (drums), Brad Ingham (bass), Jose Ortega (guitar).

Their self-titled debut album was released to critical acclaim in 2013.

 The Creature Comfort’s new single ‘What We Want (Power Corruption & Lies)’ is out on Friday 1st December.


“Should be held in the same esteem as Joy Division, Oasis, Stone Roses” – LOUDER THAN WAR

“One of the best live bands I’ve seen in years. Brilliant energy and great, interesting songs” – BADLY DRAWN BOY

“Classic sound with surprising twists and turns and new wave influences” – ROUGH TRADE

“A confident bunch of musical killers” – JOHN ROBB

“They’re as unfashionable as anyone can be these days – a rock’n’roll band with all the ragged edges, representing honesty, power and intelligent noise” – MICK MIDDLES

“The Creature Comfort feel like a band designed especially for me. In concentrated bolts of primal and thrilling rock’n’roll they deliver everything I’d ever want – Drama. Danger. Smarts. Tunes. The Creature Comfort are incredible.” – JAY TAYLOR (NIGHT & DAY CAFE / CLASSIC SLUM PROMOTIONS)