The Creature Comfort appear at Heaven On Earth – an all-day celebration of Psychedelic Vibes and Green Political Expression, set in the beautiful Halle St Peters Church in the heart of Ancoats Manchester.<a href=""><img class="alignleft wp-image-2142" src="" alt="Heaven On Earth Festival Halle St Peters Manchester 22 April 2017" width="600" height="845"></a>

Once in a lifetime experience – 12 hours of music and political activism. This is the last ever event of its kind at the iconic Halle St Peter’s, brought to you by Psychedelic DiscoTech and Astral Elevator.  

The Creature Comfort hit the stage in daylight, at 4.15pm!!

Other bands appearing: Hey Bulldog, Déjà Vega, The Goa Express, The Maitlands, Matthew Whitaker (Henge), Bluepool, Hana, The 99 Degree, Dantevilles, OLA. Plus DJ Jason Boardman. First band on at 1.00pm. 

Curated by the legendary John ‘Mancmusic’ Hall and poet Jackie Hagan. Lighting by the 60’s style oil lights of White Rabbit. Enjoy Craft Ale Bar, Street Food Stalls, Record Fayre, and local crafts. Relax and commune with the city’s campaigning groups; Oxfam, Friends of the Earth, CND, Greenpeace, Women’s Equality Party, Stand Up to Racism, Ancoats Dispensary Trust to name a few.

Heaven On Earth Festival Halle St Peters Manchester 22 April 2017