Metal Hammer founder reviews our Manchester album launch.

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German – English transcript of Musik Quest Review

The Creature Comfort – The Return of The Lost Hero

The concert hall in  Gullivers, a trendy live club in Manchester’s Northern Quarter is pleasantly full. Across the stage, a curly-headed raging wisp, microphone in hand and maracas. Ben Le Jeune, frontman of The Creature Comfort, hardly ever stands still. Live at GulliversHe gasps, screams, sighs out his often surreal lyrics, and the audience heats up by the minute. It consists partly of established musicians who have themselves already written a bit of rock history, from passionate to another. Clubbers who are used to a lot, and then from old and new fans of the band, over a decade of rest for several months suddenly becomes the talk of the day in Manchester. That the rest of England is aware of The Creature Comfort meanwhile, is the number of media representatives made ​​the trip. Which is, like the rest of the audience, offered a show that earned the label ‘full service’ from the first to last minute.
High-energy rockers, rousing punk songs, half inclined ballads – The Creature Comfort kindle a musical fireworks that can be difficult to classify stylistically – “somewhere between Iggy Pop, Pixies and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds” can be left unchallenged, but there’s a lot more behind it.
More than just a bit of Dead Kennedys, for example, echoes of early Talking Heads or The Nightingales as well. In connection with the overwhelming stage presentation which gives a mixture that is explosive yet circumscribed me more cautious. No wonder that the band has become the talk of the day in Manchester. Even more of a miracle that the Gulliver then still largely intact stands.

In the late nineties, The Creature Comfort were already quite close to it in the big time. They had the same management as the Stone Roses and were the house band at the International, the then hottest live club in town, selling more tickets than REM and played with bands such as Mudhoney, Suicidal Tendencies or Cornershop. But then things turned out quite differently. Personal problems and lousy experience with the music business led Ben Le Jeune time to time only to take a long break.

The Creature Comfort at Gullivers ManchesterThe type of return in the rock’n’roll circus shows that he has learned the lessons from the past. The debut album is created from AZ on their own. The decision to do it yourself from AZ is not born out of necessity – interesting offers from the industry, it was quite – but the conscious effort at any price control over all aspects of the music and its presentation to keep them.

Edgar Klüsener

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