“A hearty, lusty set of piratical gutter anthems packed with singalong chorus” the clearly illuminated Colour Horizon review

our 29 April gig at Eagle Inn Salford…

CC1One thing you don’t see much these days: two guitarists singing backing vocals into the same mic. You don’t see bands like The Creature Comfort much these days either. Fervently dedicated to the history of rock ‘n’ roll but… Retro? Rote? Old rope? Nope!

Firing up two guitar rock ‘n’ roll, The Creature Comfort are versed in the back-alley boogie of Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers, the throaty snarl of the Dead Boys and the heat baked speed freak showdown of Radio Birdman. And yes, Iggy Pop animalism.

The songs; a hearty, lusty set of piratical gutter anthems packed with singalong chorus’. Friday night boozy good times catered for.

CC2The singer; a loose limbed punk with mad eyes. Old school punk as in guy-who-don’t-care. Hollerin’, jumpin’, crashin’ he sparks the songs up. Old school punk who jumps in the crowd and gets people to finish his call and responses. You and me do this in our bathrooms listening to Raw Power. He does it on stage.

The band is tight and flash, showy as fuck. The rhythm section, potent and poisonous.

Get on it and get it on…


Go check out Colour Horizon boys and girls.