“I was excited about seeing them again and they certainly didn’t disappoint…” Trust The Wizards share their unique insight of the Dylan Electric 50 tribute at Manchester Academy 3.  Check the video at bottom for further evidence.

I reviewed The Creature Comfort last year when they supported Evil Blizzard and I was excited about seeing them and particularly their dynamic singer Ben again. They certainly didn’t disappoint. They transformed this song, reviled as a stupid joke song by many fans in ’66, into a stomping Stooges-style rock’n’roller. You can’t take your eyes off Ben as he jumps around and gets in the faces of the veterans of 1966, sat at the front. They look a bit suspicious him, fair enough really because you’re never quite sure what he’s going to do next. All of which adds up to a great frontman really.

Critters Destroy Dylan. Are you the photographer? Get in touch so we can credit you!

Nice tip of the chapeau to the recently departed Prince too, with a mention of his millinery-themed songtitle.

Go to Trust The Wizards for the full night’s review.

Video below courtesy of the beautifully well-seasoned mancmusic.