Vibrations mag review:

This song swaggers. From its pounding drum intro, it pushes open the door and says “look at me”.vibrations magazine leeds Scratchy guitar, bouncing bass line and inane lyrics combine to create two and a half minutes of magnificent swampiness. The middle eight rips off Gretchen Hofner gloriously.

The flip is about window-panes and sounds like the Clint Boon Experience. Druggy and weird and a gas.

What a great single!

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Review by Room Thirteen

room-thirteen-big-logoAfter a long and unplanned hiatus, The Creature Comfort return to the music scene with their fabulous new single Sally Sucks. This single is a little slice of old-skool pop punk.

Sally Sucks is easy to get into, and the simplicity of the lyrics definitely helps to make the song incredibly accessible. The Creature Comfort have delivered a fun and likeable little number.

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The Creature Comfort Sally Sucks cover artwork